Our apple juice Not From Concentrate (NFC) is squeezed from selected varieties of Polish apples with no added water or sugar, without enzymatic treatment or clarification.

As a result, cloudy juice that has been pasteurized at low temperature only. Because of this process rich taste, natural color and turbidity remain.

Available packaging

• Bag-in-Box 5 l

• Bag-in-Box 3 l

• 0.7 l bottle

• 0.3 l bottle

• ... or other

“Bag-in-Box” is a packaging system consisting of a polymer air-tight bag in a carton with a tap.

Such packaging helps preserve the juice’s freshness after opening up to 4 weeks.

Why is it worth drinking our juice?

• juices are a rich source of vitamins,

• cloudy juices prevent cancer and delay ageing processes,

• they cleanse your body of toxins and cholesterol,

• they enhance your general immunity,

• they help keep your cardiovascular system healthy.